Purity: Unashamed

When: June 5-9, 2018

Where: Sunnydale Campus

             6964 Audrain Rd 9137

             Centralia, MO 65240

Schedule of Events:

Morning devotionals beginning daily on Wednesday @ 9am

Wednesday & Thursday Afternoon Outreach @ 9:30am - 5:30pm

Friday FUN DAY @ Big Surf Waterpark 8:15am-5pm

Evening Messages:

Tuesday @ 7pm: "The Prodigal Child" (Karol Prado) Come see how the Lord interrupted Karol's ungodly lifestyle to a life of purity.

Wednesday @ 7pm: "I Want Out" (Michael Carducci) Like finding someone's buried treasure, come learn practical tools for victory and staying connected to God.

Thursday @ 7pm: "Spiritual Reflections" (Danielle Harrison) Open your Bibles as we consider the consequences of sexual sin in contrast with the beauty of godly sexuality.

Friday @ 7pm: "The Last Attack" (Karol Prado) History always repeats itself... Can we find insights from Bible history to determine what Satan's last attack will be?

Saturday Schedule:

Bible Jeopardy @ 9am

Message @11am: "Purified and Preserved" (Danielle Harrison)

Afternoon Activity @2pm: "Romans without Regret"

Panel Discussion @ 7pm